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Miguel, refused to stand by and watch his life slip away.

Miguel Villamar of Boca Raton, FL, refused to stand by and watch his life slip away. This polio survivor began fighting post-polio syndrome many years ago. He grew weaker each day and suffered  discomfort all over his body. Fatigue overtook him frequently, sending him back to bed for naps three or four times a day. "One of the things that really bothered me was the thought that I'd never be able to hold my granddaughter," Miguel says. "I was afraid I'd drop her."
I was told to save my energy because it soon would be gone and I would be on a wheelchair. In July of 1996, Miguel discovered Reliv. After two weeks of taking the Reliv nutritional supplements, he started to regain his strength. Six weeks later, this avid golfer was back out on the course.
"I've gone from sleeping in the living room because I couldn't make it upstairs to bed, to a normal work day," Miguel says. Dottie has experienced excellent health improvements amongst them, stronger bones and improved joint health.

Today, Miguel & Dottie are committed to Making a Difference by improving people’s health through Reliv products and providing nutrition information so that they can make informed decisions in ways to improve their lives.